I have no clue what benefit will accrue to someone else who will read my record of occurrences and observations

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Years ago yoga teacher Rodney Yee said that he was not in control of what students were learning when teaching a class. He could be teaching the fundamentals of back bending while a random student might be resolving a decades old disillusionment with his mother-in-law. Degree of impact is an interactive phenomenon. Sometimes the writer is enlightening. Other times the reader happens to need what is on the page. Might individuals that I don’t know gain inspiration from one of my blog posts? Might a post of mine help you resolve a decades old disagreement with your mother-in-law?


As soon as one part of the content is about official business, then the whole content is a public record

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This is why we recommend you keep your personal, private, constituent, electorate, party-political, divisional records or any other non-public record information separate from your business records – wherever possible – don’t mix them.  Once they’re mixed, it’s almost impossible to undo. Once you’ve added the egg to the mixture – you can’t take it out again!