When creating content for my job, I consider how it can mutually benefit our audience as well as our brand

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I try to curate this content for specific types of audiences with specific demographics and psychographics. If I can identify the traits, interests, and buying habits of my audience, I am able to create content that is specifically targeted towards this audience, thus benefitting them as well as acquiring sales and valued consumers for our brands.


Bait & Switch Resentment

A small thing — I hope to keep this short & sweet! 😉

When a user is suckered into clicking on clickbait, they resent being suckered — “how could you“?

Usually, however, the question ought to be: “how could I“?

In most cases. it is blatantly obvious whether (or not) the context has been clearly defined. Rational media name the context in plain English. Irrational media obscure the context with brand names. Anyone who clicks on an irrational media (brand name) link, has only themself to blame for beng suckered.