When creating content for my job, I consider how it can mutually benefit our audience as well as our brand

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I try to curate this content for specific types of audiences with specific demographics and psychographics. If I can identify the traits, interests, and buying habits of my audience, I am able to create content that is specifically targeted towards this audience, thus benefitting them as well as acquiring sales and valued consumers for our brands.


When is Advertising Contextual? (ALWAYS)

Some people refer to “contextual advertising” as if that were a special or specific kind of advertising. Yet over the past several weeks [1], I wrote a series of articles which now lead me to the conclusion that all advertising is contextual.

I started writing this series without any particular overarching topic — indeed, what motivated me were several interconnected topics. I am not done with the series yet. Next week I intend to turn towards market forces in the publishing industry.

If you would like to follow this new line of thinking, now seems like a good time to begin with the three installments mentioned. If you want to get more background of the entire “Social Business” project, the “wiki” link provides a quick list of the entire table of contents (to date).

Wishing you a happy & easy summer — whether with or without lazy days, and a funny summer reading list to check out & check off before moseying on down into autumn.

[1] See “A Deep Dive Behind the Editorial Wall“, “Publishing Without Walls” and “With or Without Advertising

Sympathy is when you feel compassion, sorrow, or pity for what the other person is going through; Empathy is about putting yourself in their shoes

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Whether you sell industrial components to obscure parts of machines or homemade broths, there’s room in your content for empathy. For example, are you creating a blog post on how to work from home? Think about the parent who’s never had to juggle homeschooling their kids while holding conference calls. Are you writing about cyber threats and the need to protect firmware? Think about how the risk of a cyberattack is the last thing a dispersed IT team wants to deal with right now.

https://termdigitalmarketing.business.blog/2020/04/08/why-and-how-to-bring-empathy-into-your-content (adapted from /attributed to https://moz.com/blog/how-to-bring-empathy-into-your-content )

When we choose our reaction to whatever life throws at us, we become able to shape our quality of life

Life doesn’t have to suck. Our circumstances don’t have to define us. When we are agents that can choose and act for ourselves, we are able to appreciate the growing opportunities that are presented to us. And when those times come, we can remember that It’s Ok To Laugh.


If / When you understand the different intents of the users that use different platforms you’ll be advertising to, it’s best to create different strategy plans for each target audience

If you’re selling a product/service continue to advertise to customers on Google Ads. When you have a sale and want to advertise awareness, use Facebook to expose it to as many interested parties as possible.